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“We need to collect plastic bottles at source for effective plastic recycling”
– Mr Gopal Agarwal

Mr Gopal Agarwal is a well-know name in the field of plastic waste management. His company, Ganesha Ecosphere is one of the largest players in the recycled Polyester Staple Fibre industry. With three units in Kanpur, Bilaspur and Rudrapur, this environment friendly enterprise is recycling one lakh tonne of plastic annually.

The company recycles PET bottles and makes polyester fibre from it. The fibre is then used to make mattresses, soft toys, automobile upholstery and other textiles. To create awareness about effective waste management, Mr Gopal began ‘Gem Recycling’, wherein awareness drives on plastic recycling are conducted across schools and other institutions.

Mr Gopal identifies the increasing disposal and wastage of PET bottles as the biggest problem he faces. The country has become a veritable trash can with plastic bottles littering the streets. These are collected by rag pickers but by the time it reaches Ganesha Ecosphere, it becomes unsuitable for reprocessing. “The only way to address this problem is by segregation of waste, and thereafter collection, at the source itself.” The company has partnered with various firms, hotels and restaurants from where plastic waste is collected directly to make the recycling process more effective.

Ganesha Ecosphere believes in empowering people by spreading the message of recycling right. It believes in encouraging people to contribute to the cause of saving the planet from plastic waste by turning used items into resources for renewed usage. The vision of Mr Gopal and those who work with him is the same: to make this country a better place to live in for the present and future generations.


Ganesha Ecosphere

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