Plastic Art


These giant fish sculptures that illuminate at night were created with thousands of used plastic bottles as part of the Rio + 20 UN Conference on Sustainable Development at the Botafogo Beach in Brazil.


This plastic arch designed for Coca-Cola China has been made from used bottles from universities around Beijing. It is made from a steel structure with 17,000 bottles inserted in the gaps of a mesh.


Installed in Nebraska, this canopy is made of over 1,500 recycled plastic soda bottles. Filling the bottles with coloured water highlights the star shapes on the bottle, thus creating an aesthetically appealing pattern.

Nike Feather Pavilion

This is Nike Feather Pavilion, which made its debut at Beijing Design Week 2012. The pavilion is made of threads woven around a metal frame to give it its complex, geometric structure. The main part is made of recycled PET plastic bottles.


This 13-feet-long sculpture of an octopus made of 20,000 woven recycled plastic bags was made by the Australian artist Jacq Chorlton. It won ‘The People’s Choice Award’ in 2010.